Versions Compared


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  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • Added the functionality to perform batch actions on selected grid items
  • Improved Script Loading for better performance
  • Improved dashboard load time by "delay" loading of dashboard tabs

  • Fixed issue with service Portal detailed entities link not working
  • Addressed issue where Import fails without giving user useful information under certain context
  • Addressed issue where Views with long filter do not work in new UI


  • Added functionality in New UI to show checkboxes when a user can perform Batch actions or Export
  • Added support for multiple attachments in the mobile app
  • Fixed issue where Delete new task was not working


  • Improved the new UI to be more "responsive" when resized
  • Fixed issue where New UI was not filtering view "Only Own" for end-users
  • Fixed issue where the Error messages were not showing when importing a module
  • Corrected issue where Permissions for lookups did not show the ability to edit lookup from the form


  • Addressed issue where direct link did not work if the system name and display name differed
  • Fixed Import Error where after importing the grid appears blank
  • Addressed Excel export error where all items were being displayed for the Visible items option only option.
  • Corrected issue where the Excel export window was not closing when exporting files


  • Addressed issue where the Dropdown was delayed in showing
  • Fixed issue where Submit was not working in new UI
  • Made changes so the life preserver did not clip the controls in the new UI. 


  • Implemented grid Auto Refresh in new UI
  • Set a Minimum Width for the Layout Drop Down option
  • Addressed issue where users were not able to find newly created subtasks after creating them


  • Fixed an issue where Excel export was not working for "Export everything submitted after and including the selected date”
  • Implemented Alternating Row Color on Task Grid for new UI


  • Addressed issue where Shared Lookups with permissions to add was not working according to the permissions given 
  • Added functionality to use Automations on subtasks 
  • Fixed issue where users were not able to delete a Subtasks that was added