How to: Add Anonymous access

Anonymous access is able to be added through the module permissions to allow for submission by anyone who has access to the link.


  1. Visit Modules in the top Nav-Bar.

  2. Select the Module for which the Anonymous access is to be granted.

  3. Select the Permissions tab, then select the Can Add edit/pencil icon.

  4. Check the box for the Anonymous role to be able to add new submissions.

  5. Verify the Anonymous role has the required permissions to perform the Submit action within the workflow.
    Modules → Module (name) → Workflow (tab) → Actions (tab) → Submit (action) → Permissions (tab) → Anonymous (checkbox)

  6. Ensure the lookups available within the form are accessible by Anonymous role as well.
    Modules → Module (name) → Lookups/Shared Lookups (tab) → Pencil Icon (configuration) → Permissions (tab) → Can View All (edit) → Anonymous (checkbox)

  7. Verify the accessibility/functionality by visiting the Anonymous submission form.
    Modules → Module (name) → Advanced → Anonymous Access → Copy

  8. Open a separate browser/Anonymous browsing session paste the Anonymous access link to verify the form is available and fully functional.