How To: Populate a field based on the content/selection of another field?

  1. Select the Module link in the top left banner then select the appropriate module name link.

  2. Select the Forms tab.

  3. Then select the Field List button "Create/Update Fields".

  4. Chose a customString that has not been used already.  In this example we are selecting customString3 can naming the field Requesting Leads Email.

  5. Open the edit form for the new field and click Edit for the Field Value

  6. In the Edit form set the Take value from to Another field

  7. Set the Another field in this item/request to the field you want to filter to the field you want.  In this example, it is the Facility/Company field. 

  8. Next set the Use this field from the selected Lookup List to the field in the lookup you want to set the new field to. In this example, it is the Requesting Leads Email.