How to: Add a barcode to a request

Barcodes are an incredibly helpful tool that is able to be added to a form. Converting a text value to a series of lines that is able to be read by a scanner this functionality assists by giving the ability to quickly scan to reference a value. By adding a unique field of the type Barcode this can be incorporated into the form or available only on printed requests for easy lookup from the printed page.  Uses could include scanning parts in receiving or shipping.  Fields such as department, storage location, or part number could be added for use in scanning to allow traceability of delivery, pickup, and/or location. 

Note: Barcode fields are not supported by default, if you do not see the ability to add this field type contact your local admin.
  (This can be enabled by visiting the Module Advanced Settings and ensure the property '' is checked and saved.)

Step-by-step guide

  1.  To begin add a new field as type "Barcode" to the Field List.
  2.  Select Module in the top left banner then select the appropriate module name link.
  3.  Select the Forms tab then select the Field List button "Create/Update Fields".
  4.  Select "Add Field" in the top right.
  5.  Here define the Name a text value that will be used to reference the control.
      (Note that this may not have any spaces, as it will be used as the Internal Name for this control) 
  6.  Set the Display Name to be relevant to the field it will be associated with, if it's intended to be a part number lookup this is done by making the name similar to "PartNumber Barcode".
      (This is the text value that will appear labeling the control)
  7.  Then the control Type as "Barcode" from the drop-down.
  8.  Use the filter above the field listing to search for "extendedfield".
      (This will display all fields that have been added)
  9.  Select the Edit pencil icon  on the Barcode field that is being used.
  10.  At the bottom is a key property that identifies the other field that will be encoded into the Barcode—choose that field in the drop-down..
  11.  Select "Update", and then Save in the upper right.
  12.  Then we need to add the Barcode field we defined in the Field List to the Default form.
  13.  Select Module in the top left banner then select the appropriate module name link.
  14.  Select the Forms tab then select the  name link.
  15.  Drag and Drop the Barcode field from the Palette on the right to the form Canvas on the left.
  16.  Select Save in the upper right.
  17.  From the grid view select new request or to edit an existing request the Barcode will show and be generated when there is a value in the field it is associated with.

Additionally, some may find it useful to only include the Barcode in the printed version of a request

  1.  This is done by selecting Module in the top left banner then select the appropriate module name link. 
  2.  Then, Select the Forms tab then select the  name link.
  3.  On the Barcode within the Canvas select  to edit in the top right.
  4.  At the bottom in the "Display Condition" field type "".
  5.  The Barcode based on the value in the field it is associated with will now only be included on the printed page.