How to: rename a field

Fields are able to be renamed to better describe their use and accurately label information.

Step-by-step guide

  1.  Select the Module link in the top left banner then select the appropriate module name link.
  2.  Select the Forms tab.
  3.  Then select the Field List button "Create/Update Fields".
  4.  Using the search filter in the upper left search for the field you wish to rename.
  5.  Select the Edit pencil icon  on the field.
  6.  Type the new name into the Label field, and type the new heading for the field within the Column Header field.
     (These aspects of the field, the Label and Column Header, can be safely changed without causing side-effects.)
  7.  Select "Update", and then Save in the upper right.
  8.  The field name will reflect the new Label within the form, and the Column Header within the grid view.
     (Important: Do not edit the System Name field unless you understand how this may effect other fields that may be associated with this field.)

If these changes do not create the desired effect, at times there are fields overridden on the default form.

Contact Stratawise Support in these cases at: