How do I customize email notifications?

Step-by-step guide

  1.  Select the Modules tab in the upper left of the screen. 
  2.  Then select the name of the Module whose email is to be updated.
  3.  Select the Workflows tab. 
  4.  Select the name of the Workflow that sends the email.
  5.  Select the Next button two times, this should take you to a page titled: Process Flow-User Actions. 
  6.  Click on the name of the Action to edit.
  7.  Within the Notifications tab selected at the bottom, verify the check box "Notify user(s) via Email" is enabled.
  8.  Below this select the check boxes for the Roles to be notified based on the action.
  9.  Configure the fields with UsersRolesExternal Emails, and Custom Recipients.
  10.  Select the Email tab.
  11.  There are two text fields here, Subject and Body.
  12.  The Subject text field is used to customize the subject line content of the email associated with this action.
  13.  The Body text field is used to customize the body content of the email associated with this action.
      (Important - Each actions email contents is customized individually, it may be beneficial to view each action to ensure accuracy.)
  14.  To reference a field value within the Subject/Body the internal name of the field or value must be wrapped in parenthesis, then percentage characters.
  15.  This must be formatted as "%(<InternalNameHere>)%".
      (Example - "%(CustomString1)%" for a text Field, or "%(Id)%" for an ID Value)
  16.  The content of the emails are able to be formatted using HTML to customize the emails layout.
      (Example - "<br>" for a line break, or "<p>for paragraph text</p>")
  17.  Once everything is entered and configured correctly, select OK, then select Save.