How to: Import Items into a lookup

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the Import template/Example spreadsheet (or Export the existing list to serve as a template). 
  2. Populate the spreadsheet:
    • Each column in the spreadsheet is matched to the fields in the lookup by the column header.
    • The example only has Name and Description, but you can add other columns.
    • The Name column acts as a unique key--if an existing lookup matches by Name, it will be updated.
  3. When import data is prepared, decide whether you want to:
    1. Add Records: Keep existing records and add the newly imported records
    2. Replace Records: Replace all existing records with the newly imported records
  4. After the file is processed, the lookup information will show in a grid, click the Import button to start the import (to the left above the grid).
  5. If the import fails, an explanation will show in the grid.
  6. If there are no issues, the rows will be imported, and when finished, the application will show the updated lookup list.