How to: Edit an existing report

Reports are a useful tool able to present information from a module as a set at a selected time in an organized format. Able to be scheduled to repeat for different time ranges these can be configured to run on a fixed schedule alerting the email recipients.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To schedule a report select the Module tab at the top.
  2. Select the corresponding Module you would like the report for.
  3. From the Tabs select Reports.
  4. Select the Edit pencil icon to begin editing an existing report.
  5. Fill in the NameEmail Subject, and Recipients.
     (Example- When listing multiple recipients they should be separated by ";" such as: ";")
  6. Select the Schedule tab to define how often the report will auto run.
     (Disabled may be used to create a report which is able to be manually ran rather than on a repeating schedule)
  7. The options for scheduling are displayed in this tab, and in the picture below.
  8. Once the report Details have been filled out and the Schedule configured, select Update to create the new scheduled report.