How to: Create a Landing Page/Service Catalog

Guide to create a Service Catalog module able to be customized to produce the corresponding landing page.


Adding a new Service Catalog module 

  1. To add a new Service catalog, Go to Modules and click on ‘Add’ 

  2. The wizard to add new modules is shown.  

  3. Click on next to show the list of available modules in the catalog.  

  4. Select the ‘Service Catalog’ module and click Next.  

  5. Review the selection and click on ‘Create Module(s) 


Once the Service catalog module is created, navigate back to the main page and you will see the Service Catalog module along with other modules you have purchased.  



Creating Service catalog items 

Service portal items can be added via the Service catalog module ‘New Request’ Option  

There are 2 different kinds of Service portal items that can be created.  

  • Service portal items that reference to a module 

  • Service portal items that reference to an external link 



States of a Service catalog item 

A Service catalog item will be in one of these 3 states  

  • Draft – An item in the draft state will not be shown to end users. 

  • Published – Only items in this state will show to the End users 

  • Retired – Once an item is not needed in the Service catalog, the item can be moved to the ‘Retired’ state for reference purpose.  


Service portal item access  

End users will see Service portal items that are in the ‘Published’ state.  


Accessing the Service Catalog end user URL  

The service portal can be accessed via  https://<stratawise url>/#/serviceportal 

If the Service Catalog is enabled, when End user's login, they will be directly taken to the Service Catalog page instead of the main grid.