How to: Add a Repeating Line Item

Repeating line items allow the form group to expand on a per row basis. This is useful for situation where the data can vary in the amount required to be input allowing dynamically expanding section of fields for additional data entry.


  1. Go to the Field List to add the Line Item field.
    Module → Module Name → Forms(tab) → Create/Update Fields… (button)

  2. Select the Add Field button in the top right.

  3. Type in an Internal Name and System Name then from the Type drop down select Line Item.

  4. Save the Field List at the bottom.

  5. Go to the Default Form to add the Line Item to the form.
    Module → Module Name → Forms(tab) → Default (name link)

  6. Drag and drop the Line Item field into the form fields above the section that is intended to repeat.

  7. Drag and drop a Section End below where the form fields section intended to repeat should stop.

  8. Save the Default Form.

  9. Visit the main grid and validate the changes were applied successfully by viewing the form.


If you have reviewed the above and are experiencing any issue or have any questions contact Stratawise Support