How to: Create a dynamic Count/Sum with or without Criteria

By means of integration, criteria can be defined to keep an accurate stored count or sum of a value across all items within the valid criteria.


  1. Go to the Integrations Shared Lookup to define the new count or sum.
    Module → Module Name → Shared Lookups (tab) → Integrations

  2. Select +New in the top left to add a new Sum or Count within the Integrations Shared Lookup.

  3. Defined the Name, Description, and select which Module this is for.

  4. Select 'Add a new Connector operation'.

  5. Specify the selection as SQL, Count/Sum, and the Field to be totaled, then Save in the bottom left.

  6. Go to the Field List and select the field which will store the resulting value/total.
    Module → Module Name → Forms (tab) → Create/Update Fields… → Field for storing result

  7. Select Edit in the Field Value section of the Field Properties.

  8. In the ‘Take value from’ section select Execute Integration.

  9. In the ‘Execute an integration’ section select the Name of the Integration defined previously.

  10. If ‘Additional Criteria’ is needed it should be defined here by selecting the required equality statements.


  11. This field should now store the resulting Count/Sum of the defined field based on the described criteria.


If you have reviewed the above and are experiencing any issue or have any questions contact Stratawise Support