Release Log


  • Fixed issues with saved layout column visibility not working
  • Fixed an issue with the multi-location dialog that was impacting customers using the feature
  • Improved the Filter Builder OK and Cancel button visibility
  • Added help icon to new UI to offer the same Help option as the old UI had for end-users


  • In the New UI users now have the option to auto-save layouts or only manual
  • Resolved issue in New UI where changing layouts does not reset the 'save button' state


  • Revised main view to only show the filter edit button for administrators
  • Made optimizations to load lookup data needed for rendering filter panel


  • When Excel Export is Selected in the new UI, gray it out if nothing selected
  • Added functionality so the left navigation menu is always open
  • Added Dropdown checkbox filter
  • Implement filter dropdowns with checkboxes
  • Now disabling auto refresh when the filter dialog is open


  • Added the functionality to perform batch actions on selected grid items
  • Improved Script Loading for better performance
  • Improved dashboard load time by "delay" loading of dashboard tabs

  • Fixed issue with service Portal detailed entities link not working
  • Addressed issue where Import fails without giving user useful information under certain context
  • Addressed issue where Views with long filter do not work in new UI


  • Added functionality in New UI to show checkboxes when a user can perform Batch actions or Export
  • Added support for multiple attachments in the mobile app
  • Fixed issue where Delete new task was not working


  • Improved the new UI to be more "responsive" when resized
  • Fixed issue where New UI was not filtering view "Only Own" for end-users
  • Fixed issue where the Error messages were not showing when importing a module
  • Corrected issue where Permissions for lookups did not show the ability to edit lookup from the form


  • Addressed issue where direct link did not work if the system name and display name differed
  • Fixed Import Error where after importing the grid appears blank
  • Addressed Excel export error where all items were being displayed for the Visible items option only option.
  • Corrected issue where the Excel export window was not closing when exporting files


  • Addressed issue where the Dropdown was delayed in showing
  • Fixed issue where Submit was not working in new UI
  • Made changes so the life preserver did not clip the controls in the new UI. 


  • Implemented grid Auto Refresh in new UI
  • Set a Minimum Width for the Layout Drop Down option
  • Addressed issue where users were not able to find newly created subtasks after creating them


  • Fixed an issue where Excel export was not working for "Export everything submitted after and including the selected date”
  • Implemented Alternating Row Color on Task Grid for new UI


  • Addressed issue where Shared Lookups with permissions to add was not working according to the permissions given 
  • Added functionality to use Automations on subtasks 
  • Fixed issue where users were not able to delete a Subtasks that was added 


  • Addressed issue where Batch Action Permission created an error in the log 
  • Enabled Lookup in a multiselect list to send email notifications to any/all selected values 
  • Many improvements to finalize the "newUI"


  • Added functionality to show survey results in tabular form 
  • Fixed issue with Survey designer, drag drop not working as expected 
  • Addressed issue where adding duplicate fields in sub-action was creating an error 


  • Added a Survey Module capability
  • Fixed issue with Automations not working correctly in specific instances
  • Addressed an issue with the anonymous logins not being permitted when enabled
  • Addressed issue with Invalid confirmation email taking users to an error page


  • Addressed an issue with Dashboard global permissions 
  • Fixed issue with Stratawise emails not properly inviting people into Stratawise login
  • Addressed performance issues with user Lookup queries


  • Addressed issue where the Dashboard was sometimes not accessible for roles that had view permission


  • Added functionality for automation to have Automation History Update  
  • Set Mobile app to hide the add/edit of lookup fields 
  • OData now also publishes the  Attachments and MultiAttachments blob data 


  • Fixed issue with Line Item control delete not working in narrow mode
  • Added feature to have Need Time selector on Initial state

November 20, 2021

  • Added functionality to have 'New Request' button available regardless of the view (Parent /or/ SubTask)
  • Added a flag to the license controlling which tenant is allowed to generate the attachment views for modules
  • Added functionality to call back when a line item is deleted
  • Resolved issue with spawned items not going through Submit action on spawn
  • Added functionality to ensure Tenant Admin and Module Admin are not allowed as End-Users in Self-Registration
  • Enabled Self-Registration for two different modules on the same tenancy
  • Resolved an issue with supplier Automation Date not filling with a subaction
  • Resolved an issue where Subtasks cross-save was unintentionally happening when accessing via parent form

November 6, 2021

  • A number of improvements were integrated for the Beta test of the new UI (not visible to most customers)

October 23, 2021

  • Resolved issue with CustomDateTime throwing an exception
  • Fixed an issue where the search was not properly applied when done through a URL parameter
  • Addressed an issue where refreshing the browser with links like dashboard/service portal etc. takes the user back to task views

October 16, 2021

  • Resolved issue where the search was not applied through a URL link
  • Set Task Layout to be ordered Alphabetically
  • Added the ability to select Multiselect Lookup values based on the selections
    in another Multiselect
  • Fixed issue where deleting rows in a Line Item control does not reset the calculations
    made using JavaScript
  • Added the ability to be able to save email details such as - Attachments,
    Body, Sender and Subject to the module entity when creating items from
  • Resolved issue with Email Integration not sending email notifications as setup in the workflow
  • Addressed issue where the Sum of fields in subtask was not summing to equal a field in the parent item
  • Added the ability to have display conditions in subtask based on field in
    parent item

October 9, 2021

  • Addressed issue where the App was not loading on IE
  • Fixed issue where Import items missing on import
  • Addressed issue where the Print preview duplicated for Line Items
  • Added Hover Info for Action icons on the grid
  • Provided a way to access subtask info via OData
  • Fixed issue where deleting a tenant was not deleting config table items
  • Added functionality so that the View for the main module would filter out all

October 2, 2021

  • Addressed issue where self-registration with whitelisted domain names did
    not allow case insensitive matches
  • Fixed issue where Task Custom View was ignoring search parameters
  • Added an option to the classic UI to show that the IE is no longer supported
  • Addressed issue where editing any properties of
    Labels/Attachments/(PotentiallyOtherFields) was not dirtying the Default form
    layout editor.

September 25, 20201

  • Fixed the Signature control that was not showing a preview and not allowing
    uploads of the signature image
  • Created a message to warn IE users that support for the product will end by
    Jan 2022
  • Added option to hide 'New Task'
  • Address issue where field value mapping was not working for date values
  • Fixed issue with read-only Multi-Attachments field being able to add

September 18, 2021

  • Fixed issue where Tooltips could not be seen for some areas on a form
  • Further evolution of the new multi-attachment control
  • Fixed issue where duplicates in a lookup prevented a multi-select dropdown from being used

September 7, 2021

  • Added the ability to click to select an attachment, in addition, to drag and drop of attachments to new multi-attachment field
  • Updated the Line Item control to better handle when the last Line Item entry is deleted
  • Subtask form print was showing main entity form
  • Addressed issue where multiple rows in Line Item control were not saving values and not seen in the grid in some cases
  • Resolved issue where saving subtasks on a form with Line Items clears the Line Items
  • Fixed issue where SubTask Default view and Default Subtask view are showing blank columns in some cases
  • Addressed issue where Line items show first row data in every row when viewed in a narrow screen/mobile

August 29, 2021

  • Added functionality to be able to have multiple Attachments in an attachment field, this will continue to evolve
  • Addressed issue with the typeahead lookup not working when lookup field is something other than 'customString1'
  • Corrected issue where Multiple dates in a Line Items control giving an error
  • Resolved issue where Line Item fields were not showing on the form under certain conditions
  • Addressed issue where multiple rows in a Line Item control were under certain conditions not saving values and not seen in grid.

August 22, 2021

  • Added CSS override for classic UI for a user who has switched to try the new UI
  • Resolved an issue with a read-only date field being required blocking Reapply
  • Fixed issue with the subtask print option showing the main request form

August 15, 2021

  • Added ability to use an expression in a Subaction condition on the right-hand side
  • Added a preliminary capability for relating items between modules (show control with "Related Items")
  • Addressed issue where New subtasks did not get created in specific new modules
  • Resolved issue where when the option to show the item after the spawn is checked, it still shows
  • Fixed Spawn feature failing when spawn is triggered from the UI
  • Addressed issue where Task grid date-time values were not formatted correctly
  • Resolved issue with Task grid not showing lookup column values correctly the first time
  • Fixed functionality to Save subtask while creating parent item was not allowed
  • Resolved issue where when Dashboard is enabled in the Global Permissions, the main menu still shows the Dashboard
  • Resolved issue where using field relationships was not allowed when multiselect was being used
  • Fixed Date fields that were not appearing in the dropdown for grid fields in the Subtask grid
  • Addressed issue where closing an item after adding new subtasks creates new subtask vs exiting

July 31, 2021

  • Fixed issue with MultiSelect field Filter not functioning
  • Addressed issue with Comments not showing as history when enabled in SubTask Comments field properties
  • Made changes to allow supporting tasks on mobile
  • Fixed issue with missing column values when switching Parent <- to & from -> SubTasks views
  • Resolved issue with saving rolled-up comments that exceed 10k
  • Fixed issue with Save transition failing for subtasks under specific conditions

July 24, 2021

  • Set the multi-select dropdown height to fixed and show a scroll bar
  • Made changes to the Service Catalog if enabled, so that secondary users all see it, but for primary, it follows Module Permissions.
  • Made Tenant and Module Admin default roles permitted to perform new actions in the workflow
  • Added the ability to build a wizard-based form without customization
  • Fixed an issue with Default form not warning if changes have been made when exiting the form
  • Added Line Item support to the mobile app
  • When adding/editing Lookups on the fly from the form, the dialog now shows the name of the Lookup for more context
  • Made changes to allow date picker to show 'Today' & 'Clear' buttons.
  • Addressed issue when a new item was added to the form and preview clicked, the preview was not showing changes

July 18, 2021

  • For municipal workflow, addressed an underlying issue that led to double charging for certain request combinations.
  • Added the ability to download attachments from the grid
  • Fixed issue with Subtasks action buttons showing "Null" in front of action buttons

July 10, 2021

  • Addressed issue with Line Items not being responsive on smaller screens
  • Corrected tool-tip that should have been the export button instead a tool-tip shows saying "ImportReport"
  • Fixed an issue with subtasks State conditional action not progressing the parent request

July 3, 2021

  • Provided the ability to hide the date part of the Date Time field on a form
  • Added spacing in the Line Item control to separate the Add and Delete (trash can icon) to make it harder to hit the wrong option
  • Added a confirmation prompt for the delete of line items

June 5, 2021

  • Add indicator in workflow to make it clear if a State has the Advanced tab enabled
  • Implement task layout/view support. Now if Subtasks are enabled for a module, Subtask specific Views show in the dropdown
  • Subtasks can now be auto-progressed to move Parent Requests state in Workflow State.
  • Added ability to customize column configuration of Subtask grid.
  • Fixed issue where State filter was not clearing with the "Clear all filters".
  • Addressed issue where non-admins were not able to export to OData even with a role that had export privileges

May 16, 2021 

  • On-going evolution of new main UI.  This is currently feature clipped so that it is not yet visible outside of Stratawise

May 9, 2021

  • Evolution of new main UI.  This is currently feature clipped so that it is not yet visible outside of Stratawise

May 2, 2021

  • Fixed issue with dynamic field mapping not showing for non Stratawise users
  • Addressed issue with adding a manual SubTask blocking form Save
  • Added ability to be able to populate Sub-Tasks automatically from Import template

April 24, 2021

  • Continued evolving next-generation "grid" UI behind the scenes; should be ready to be unveiled soon.

April 11, 2021

  • Made changes to allow the new (DevExpress) grid to filter by user location
  • Made changes to make sure logged in user only sees dashboards list for the current tenant

March 28, 2021

  • Added functionality to limit Dashboard List visibility based on Permissions
  • The Primary/Secondary role flag now shows in the list of Roles to make it easier to tell at a glance which are Primary
  • Fixed issue with Lookup list not rendering correctly when a long lookup description is used
  • Increased max length of the custom lookup fields to allow selecting multiple values

March 20, 2021

  • Added the ability to set up email inboxes via integrations to allow the creation of items in a module when emails arrive in the inbox

March 13, 2021

  • Reformatted validation summary on the login pages.
  • Sorted modules alphabetically on module install templates.
  • To enhance security, added a Captcha when requesting to reset password.
  • Added password a strength meter and suggestions to the Edit User and Password Reset page

March 6, 2021

  • Fixed alignment issue in task grid
  • Fixed issue with the warning not showing for duplicate field names when saved via the default form
  • In some cases, the Submit button was not showing for the forgot password form

February 28, 2021

  • Created a means to resend workflow emails for a case where, for example, a customer's email server is down or not receiving emails
  • Added password strength meter and suggestions to registration pages
  • Added Captcha to mobile login page
  • Changes to improve database and application startup performance

February 21, 2021

  • Added additional logic to ensure users get warned when leaving the master form without saving
  • Now further ensuring the user is warned when creating/updating Default form fields with a non-unique System name
  • Can now update User fields via Subactions (that is, update properties of the logged-in User)

February 14, 2021        

  • Added "Can Add" setting to Global permission for dashboards.  Only users in the specified roles can create a dashboard
  • During Module Export, now only Factory Dashboards are exported
  • Now after five failed login attempts, the user is prompted to complete a captcha

February 7, 2021

  • Updated overall look of subtask task grid
  • Added a 'New Task' capability for subtasks (add new tasks as needed, manually)
  • Added functionality to update/create lookups from the request form
  • Made change for new Reports to set the trigger to Manual/Disabled by default
  • Sorted roles in the various places they show for selection

January 31, 2021

  •  Fixed checkbox spacing and sorting for permissions on the module permissions tab
  • Fixed the roles sorting for permissions
  • Fixed issue with not being able to import reports that have custom SQL queries
  • Made changes to fix an issue with downloading reports
  • Fixed user registration form position on Chrome and Edge.
  • Made changes to stop the Registration form content extending outside of the container when validation messages show

January 25, 2021


  • Added ability to extend the User entity schema
  • Added the ability to access & update User extended fields via workflow subactions
  • Added the ability to whitelist domains that are allowed for enduser registration.


  • Fixed issue with Shared lookup type not importing if one with the same name was deleted previously
  • Fixed reported issue where display condition style was not getting applied properly for emailed receipts
  • Made checkbox/radio button text clickable links
  • Corrected a Dashboard panel resize issue

January 18, 2021

  • Added functionality to rename imported dashboard to avoid duplicate names
  • General improvements to Dashboard import
  • Cosmetic improvements to the Dashboard

January 11, 2021

  • Made adjustments to report settings editor and fixed duplicate report edit hover text
  • Implemented Save As and Import/Export for Reports
  • Fixed text messages and box size to be consistent on Registration Email Confirmation and Resend Confirmation when a new tenant is registered
  • Made dashboard 'Viewer' text improvement.
  • Simplified dashboard button colors and correct coloring for dashboards in IE

January 4, 2021

  • Updated multiple pages related to account management to match formatting on other pages
  • Added description tool-tip on hover in use> profile to include user role details
  • Added functionality to support the 'Save As' option for reports designer
  • Enhanced dashboard support for pie chart legend 
  • Added support for the center title in donut charts for dashboards

December 19, 2020

  • Prevented saving reports with duplicate name
  • Added support for showing legends Pie charts
  • Increase Centered Title Font Size for Dashboard Pie Charts·
  • Minor adjustments to the queue status API
  • Made changes to allow testing WSDL function with self and invalid certificates
  • Added support for customers to upload their self-signed certificate for integration
  • Initial support for API changes to query queue status

December, 12, 2020

  • Additional changes to audit log to track access for security purposes
  • Added support to permit tenant admins to reset a user's password
  • A number of fixes to the evolving embedded reporting capabilities (alpha testing) 

November 28, 2020

  • Increased customizability of the Tenant/Account registration page to permit the header and footer to be separately customized
  • Continued improvements to the embedded reporting capabilities
  • Fixed an issue where the internal name for a Module was showing instead of the Display Name

November 21, 2020

  • Continued evolution of the embedding report capabilities
  • Fixed an issue with User Profiles where the name did not show
  • Improved automation test capabilities

November 15, 2020

  • Enabled links to go directly to dashboards
  • Addressed issues with Dashboards working not working on IE11
  • Improved error message for 'Test Alert Now' within View errors
  • Now non-admin users can send test alert emails
  • Fixed bug where User profile username label is missing in some older tenants
  • Made changes to better handle dates from the 1900s

November 8, 2020

  • Addressed issue with Date in the date picker for a datetime field being out of sync
  • Fixed issue with importing lookups via csv where date & time was not importing the time part of the date
  • Implemented Refresh Dashboard List when creating a new dashboard or deleting one

October 31, 2020

  • Implemented CSS changes to auto adjust the dashboard control UI height when the edit button is hidden
  • Fixed issue with View alerts and datetime filtering not logging exception error

October 25, 2020

  • Fixed issue with not being able to export reports when main table joined with history
  • Implemented Dashboard Global permissions cosmetic changes
  • Fixed issue where Grid alerts created an error when 'Comments' are included in the grid.
  • Updated the report Save Message
  • Made updates to the report interface
  • Implemented Dashboard Button Clipping update.

October 18, 2020

  • Preparation for using Multi-factor Authentication when connecting to send emails (improved security for outbound emails)
  • Addressed an issue with importing CSV files where in some cases the time portion of a Date/Time field was lost
  • Further evolution of built-in Report Editor/Viewer/Emailing
  • Further refinements to the Dashboard clipping (editing capability clipped for non-Enterprise customers)

October 10, 2020

  • Continued evolution of the built-in Report editor
  • Changes to have the Dashboard retain state (e.g. remember which dashboard and which tab was last used)
  • Improved the weekly upgrade process to further ensure no downtime for upgrades

October 4, 2020

  • A number of refinements to the dashboard to give users better feedback

September 26, 2020

  • Evolving In-product Reporting capabilities still clipped for most users
  • Further improvements to the Dashboard capabilities, especially around permission management
  • Corrected issues with Lookups duplicating when adding multiple modules

September 3, 2020

  • Added support for directly linking to a specific dashboard
  • Improved the User Location dropdown alignment
  • Fixed some cases where internal State names were shown instead of the Display name 
  • Addressed an issue where Date Time fields were not fully supported for OData
  • Addressed an issue where no data was returned by OData in a Multilocation environment

August 28, 2020

  • Re-enabled the ability for administrators to set/reset user's passwords
  • Addressed an issue where the payment profile link was clipped
  • More minor improvements around the dashboard capabilities

August 20, 2020

  • Improved the Date filter control in the grid to better validate the entries.  At times users were leaving parameters empty and it was causing errors.
  • Changes to better control the Dashboard visibility from the license file.
  • Minor improvements around setting permissions for Dashboards (e.g. sorting roles)
  • Added a means to create a dashboard from the main dashboard view (for users with appropriate permission)
  • Adjusted some settings in the config files related to app initialization and affinity to web servers (hoping to improve performance and reliability).

August 9, 2020

  • Internal improvements to JavaScript bundling for the dashboard
  • Made changes role dropdown placeholder text
  • Changed log statements to better log the error when saving generated reports with the entity.

August 2, 2020

  • Addressed an issue with backend database views not generated for nested modules.
  • Ensured the dashboards are not impacted when a module's internal name changes
  • Addressed issue with importing module not mapping the PDF templates for PDF generation subactions correctly.
  • Corrections made to dashboard column names for some builtin fields.

July 26, 2020

  • Added missing permission control database creation (backend change, not visible to users).
  • Addressed issue with bulk actions with integrations causing integrations to run multiple times.
  • Addressed issue where tenants with no Dashboards defined could not create a new dashboard.

July 12, 2020

  • Reworked how the Tableau WDC returns data to be more forgiving of special characters, such as a backslash
  • Blocked deleting Factory Forms for Integrations, etc.
  • More refinements to the Dashboard

July 5, 2020

  •  Updated Dashboard Panel to remove button flicker
  • Added Dashboard rename support
  • Addressed an issue with filtering the grid on columns that are in the multi-line item control

June 28, 2020

  • Added an explicit dashboard Delete menu option
  • Addressed an issue where user columns were empty in the grid for dynamic field mappings when fields are hidden

June 6, 2020

  • Many improvements related to dashboard capability:
    • smoothed out creating and saving dashboards
    • Improved the ability to apply role-based permissions to dashboards
    • added activity spinners when loading/saving
    • many other small improvements
  • Improved the auto-focus and email address validation on the login and related pages 
  • Smoothed out rough edges on the Module Administrator privileges–related to the recent ability to grant this on a per-module basis
  • Made help dialog responsive.

May 16, 2020

  • Addressed an issue with not being able to add new integration from the Integration Lookup grid
  • Addressed an issue where the secondary help link not enabled on the module help/splash page
  • Addressed issue where deleting a Module did not remove it from the visible list in the user interface
  • Found and addressed an issue that had existed unnoticed for some time with Date/Time filtering in the grid
  • Addressed an issue where Integrations failed to execute when there is a condition for an attachment that has multiple items changing as well
  • Fixed an issue occurring when changing Lookup permissions, it was causing an internal error
  • Added functionality to make the Module Admin role permissions per module instead of across all modules; now visible in the Permission tab of the module settings, and editable from within a User's list of Roles

May 10, 2020

  • Addressed an issue in the query builder used to define integration criteria
  • Fixed minor cosmetic issues in the onboarding wizard, such as supporting links from the hover text
  • Added support to hide modules not being used from the module settings

May 2, 2020

  • Improved the look of the onboarding wizard
  • Addressed some issues with processing integration API requests
  • Smoothed out the use of integration actions in the Workflow Editor

April 26, 2020

  • Enabled paging on the User grid
  • Resolved a number of issues related to registering new Tenants
  • Made further cosmetic improvements to the Site settings page
  • Added additional logging to Automation code and addressed an issue where the results were not properly ordered by the Run Date
  • Moved the account Settings link to the main toolbar

April 14, 2020

  • Tableau WDC data connector now uses a connection to the replication database to avoid any impact on the online system when customers sync
  • Made cosmetic and organizational changes to the Site Settings page; also added help text
  • Removed the phase column from the form designer; it is being retired from use
  • For low-end tiers, made changes to select the 'Standard' user role by default when creating a new user
  • Fixed a “Today” filter issue in the grid that had recently been introduced
  • Made cosmetic and organizational improvements to the Module Settings
  • Update Module Settings to include help information regarding the different properties.

March 14, 2020

  • Ensured there are clear options to sign up for a new account (versus register) if the user is completely new and the company does not have an account.
  • Changed the height of the lookup form.
  • Addressed an issue with importing module is adding additional module permission entries.
  • Turned on validations for radio & multi select fields.
  • Addressed an issue where Checkbox controls were not showing as required when label is hidden
  • Improved the way email lookup is done
  • Added a way to pull values into a form field via integrations
  • Added the ability to lookup tenant by email
  • Changes to add default header for anonymous form
  • Changes to allow integrations to specify a condition to check before executing
  • Changes to use a different user when matching Lookups via multilocation set
  • Fixed bug related to grid filtering, additional changes for supporting Integration API calls

February 22, 2020

  • Improved automated error reporting and handling of exceptions for Reports
  • Support added for subtext property on Text/Numeric inputs
  • Newly registered tenancies will correctly allow Admin access permissions
  • Updated Lookup Query Subaction to support Dynamic Key Column and User Table lookup

February 8, 2020

  • Minor cosmetic improvement near the New Request button
  • Improved monitoring for report and import related errors
  • Addressed an issue with the Line Item control where the values were not properly substituted into emails
  • Added support for the module help files to be URL links (rather than only supporting attached help files)
  • Further evolved support for calling out to SOAP APIs from the workflow

January 28, 2020

  • Added functionality to mark requests read/unread when opened or completing actions with an icon to toggle the state between Read/Unread.  If you would like this enabled for a module, please contact Support.
  • Added a comment on the parent request for each spawned item separated by a comma
  • Corrected the primary color border around selected templates on the last page of the new module wizard
  • A Spawn subaction was incorrectly showing the spawned request in a form when configured not, this has been addressed. 
  • Added preliminary support for accessing Stratawise module data from an OData connection.  Instruction on how to use this can be found in the main page under the View -> Export menu.

January 14, 2020

  • Updated module settings text
  • Addressed an issue where form profile data was not working in specific cases (this is a feature that will remember user-entered content and auto-populate it for each new request).
  • Addressed an issue with exporting to Excel for modules with Multi-Locations

December 28, 2019

  • Addressed an issue where the import of Lookup date/time fields was not converting from the client’s time zone to UTC

December 21, 2019

  • Fix for text consisting of multiple lines not rendering correctly in pdf
  • Additional improvements to make sure paging is only loaded when the module exists
  • Implemented changes needed to support post workflow actions.
  • Feature added to read items for a module.
  • Fixed error in alert email generation when the state does not have a valid display name.

December 16, 2019

  • Addressed concurrency exception when generating reports
  •  Issue resolved with initial editors in Service Catalog appearing clipped at the bottom\
  • Addressed an issue blocking the ability to revert to Tenant color once a Module color had been changed and saved
  • Fixed an automation issue related to multi-location changes
  • Fixed issue regarding Boolean field substitution variable replacement
  • Further revisions to default fav-icon

December 7, 2019

  • Addressed an issue where the Submit button was showing when it should not on a spawned/escalated item
  • Added a new Field property that when set suppresses the field’s label on the form
  • Added the ability to have a user belong to all Locations explicitly.  A user that is explicitly set to belong to all Locations will automatically have access to new Locations as they are created.  The new option is on the Locations tab of the User dialog.
  • Radio button option fields are now available as an extended field type
  • Addressed an issue with the initial field value property.  The field was not being properly initialized when initially not visible on the form.

November 30, 2019

  • New field property that allows grid column filters to use a dropdown for Select list type field. Useful for shortlists where only one value will be selected for filtering
  • Column filter search not matching on partial searches
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Location was prompting for a Location
  • Fixed an issue where, when a field was not visible when the form opened, the default value was not being properly loaded
  • Improved import performance when import involves lots of lookup instances
  • Increased the module export limit for lookups to 2,500 entries

November 17, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where a user could receive duplicate emails for workflow events
  • It is now possible to mark a field valid or invalid form Custom JavaScript
  • Improved the message in the user creation dialog if a user already existed (duplicate name)

November 9, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where the State column was not searchable from the Global Search
  • Fixed an issue where date fields were resetting when tabbing out of time portion of the field
  • Fixed an issue where the Rolled up Comment was not showing the full history in emails
  • Added the ability to include Organization settings in emails and form labels
  • Revised the Advance Module Settings user interface. The Advanced Settings are now on the Module Settings tab near the bottom of the page
  • Added a means to disable all notifications for a Module by unchecking a single checkbox
  • Now showing which Actions have notifications enabled in the Action list to make it easier to see which Actions trigger notifications

October 23, 2019

  • Added support to make payment profile required on a module by module basis
  • Added support encrypted fields in custom Lookups
  • Fixed an issue where if a column search is saved in the layout, it's not used to filter the grid
  • Fixed an issue in a Multilocation tenancy where pagination was not behaving correctly
  • Round Robin support for automated assignment or requests
  • Changes to make sure line items will have empty values filled in for empty rows
  • Added support for field substitution for display conditions

October 12, 2019

  • Added an Excel output format option for Reports
  • Fixed an issue related to Saving Profiles in a form–Save to Profile was showing when Delete Profile should have been shown
  • Now a user only sees reports to queue or that have been run that are associated with a Location they are part of.
  • Fixed an issue with paging in the grid.  Now when a user changes Views, the grid will go to page one of the selected View

October 5, 2019

  • Added support for using advanced search syntax in the grid filter row for text and long text columns; to make use of this, place the search criteria in parenthesis.

September 29, 2019

  • Added support for Module-wide Custom JavaScript functions to permit sharing code across fields/forms in a module
  • Updated styling on the user profile page
  • Adding support for module-specific configuration options to make it easier to tailor modules for specific locations/organizations/cities/plants.

September 15, 2019

  • Additional refinements to the Escalate/Spawn feature
  • Added a capability to call an Action on another module using a Subaction
  • Fixed an issue where filtering was not working properly when using the grid column filter of a dropdown column, where that dropdown's values were derived from a Line Item control

September 8, 2019

  • Added tab color highlighting to help users differentiate between modules
  • Now ensuring email links use HTTPS rather than HTTP, as the latter was at times not opening the actual request, but rather just opened the view
  • Further polish on the escalate/spawn feature
  • Added a new Field Value property to the Field Definition to permit defaulting the value of a field using a literal, or by pulling it from another field.  This will reduce the amount of Custom JavaScript required to, for example, initialize a field to a default value and automatically update one field to a property of another that contains a Lookup.

September 1, 2019

  • Added the ability to prompt users when the customer's Terms of Service have changed
  • Now tracking the most recent date a user agreed to the Terms of Service
  • Preventing a user to submit a new request if they have not agreed to the latest Terms of Service
  • Addressed an issue where exporting modules exported more lookups than it should, thereby causing an issue upon import.
  • Improved the color of links in the toast alerts. Now they are white.
  • A number of fixes and small features related to subscriptions and payments, for example, added confirmation of unique values in subscriber properties
  • Changes to make account/tenant registration page content customizable through the catalog
  • Fixed an issue with extended field filtering.
  • Added additional logging to assist with troubleshooting issues with Views
  • Applying the standard form styling for anonymously accessed forms
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid email address in the invite dialog would cause an error
  • Payment transactions are now more fully depicted in the requests Comments/History field

August 25, 2019

  • Further polish on the Escalate/Spawn feature
  • Fixed an issue where otherwise filtered workflow Actions would be visible if the Action button was dropped down when the grid auto-refreshed
  • Various improvements to end-user portals
  • Initial support for taking payments on the form itself (as opposed to depending on a Payment Method being configured)
  • Improvements to the new customer registration/subscription pages

August 17, 2019

  • Added "Last Logged In" date to the user grid
  • Additional work on the escalate/spawn feature to round it out
  • Fixed an issue where Lookup IDs and Lookup Value columns were not always populated when importing leading to issues with filtering the grid on those columns
  • Fixed an issue where Undefined would show as a category in the form designer
  • Various fixes related to importing a Module from another account

August 3, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where the Excel export option, "Export everything submitted after and including the selected date", was not including the records for the selected date
  • Improved the readability and style of the alert messages
  • Fixed an issue with Date filters in the grid that was impacting specific modules; at times the grid was empty when it should not have been

July 27, 2019

  • Fixed an issue where users were getting prompted by the browser to authenticate
  • Early version of the "escalate" feature–ability to spawn a request in another module with one click it creates the request and fills in any fields that are mapped.

July 20, 2019

  • Ensured that if the ID column is included in a request import, it is automatically treated as the unique key
  • Now when importing requests, the logic first checks if the column matches a field's Display Name; if not match is found, it then looks for a match on the Internal Name
  • Fixed an issue where Alerts were exhausting the maximum size for the Rolled Up History Comment field
  • Cosmetic fix to the Action dropdown to address an issue with the margin.

July 5, 2019

  • Module-level properties have been split between basic and advanced to ease configuration
  • Defaulting new modules to the new Server Side Paging for better performance
  • Improvements to the Time picker control on the form to ease data input (no longer requires a leading zero on the hour; space between minutes and am/pm can be omitted)
  • Improved how the system handles re-ordering of modules when a module is deleted
  • Changes to improve performance when rendering a large number (>500) of requests with action filtering

June 26, 2019

  • Additional improvements in error reporting and logging to strengthen the ability to troubleshoot reported issues
  • Performance improvement for the site/module loading
  • Additional coverage for automated testing

June 8, 2019

  • Extended Remember Me from 2 weeks to 6 weeks (42 days)
  • Fixed an issue in the Automation History grid; the Yes/No filtering was not working properly
  • Addressed a main grid filter issue that was resulting in a partial list of grid results based on selected options

May 25, 2019

  • A number of usability improvements related to viewing reports (View→View Reports)
  • Alerts now return 25 items which offset an issue where the items in the email did not match the first page shown in web app's grid
  • Improved messaging and styling for grids that are empty
  • Numeric fields are now searchable from the global search box
  • Added Automation Last Run Date to the Automation history page and a handful of other usability improvements to Automations
  • Global search now re-applied when the grid filter row is changed

May 4, 2019

  • Improved grid filtering for checkbox (boolean) fields
  • Added an option to permit actions like Revert to be performed even if the form has invalid fields
  • Added navigation bread crumbs to Module admin pages such as the Workflow, Reports, and Automation editor
  • Fixed an issue where the form designer treated the form as modified and prompted the user to save when no changes had been made
  • Preventing internal Action names from being edited

April 21, 2019

  • Further enhancements to the Automation feature to add more detail to the history
  • Various cosmetic improvements to the Automation feature
  • Fixed an issue preventing Alert emails from sending under a narrow range of conditions
  • Added "deep linking" support for mobile to permit links in emails to open the mobile app rather than web app
  • Support for re-ordering Modules in the Module admin view; which is reflected in the main tabs of the application

April 14, 2019

  • Excel request import now supports a tab named "Instructions" (ignores it) and will also now ignore any tab with an "@" character in its name
  • Improved feedback when attempting to create a Role with a duplicate name
  • Improved SAML/SSO authentication from the mobile app
  • Added support for Blind Copy (BCC) when sending email notifications
  • Access to the "master form" or "module schema" as it is now known, was moved to the top of the page to highlight it
  • Now capturing details of all emails for auditing and troubleshooting purposes

April 4, 2019

  • The workflow editor now permits States and Actions to be re-ordered by dragging/dropping them
  • General improvements to build out and polish the new Automation functionality
  • Improved how the mobile app displays action buttons to ensure they fit well on the form
  • Module names can now be changed without breaking integration via the API or Events
  • A new "state-less" action option was introduced. When state-less actions are triggered, the item stays in the same state but the other side-effects are triggered (e.g.: subactions and notifications)
  • Added support for new field type that permits multiple users to be picked, where the users can either be actual Stratawise users or arbitrary email addresses of non-users
  • Layout/View alerts can now be configured to include any item matching the view rather than just new or updated items

March 17, 2019

  • Added support to permit the first and the last name of a user to be updated when importing (including for existing users)
  • Re-published the mobile app with support for adding attachments (images or others)
  • Mobile apps' form now more fully supports the same capabilities as the desktop browser app
  • New automation feature that permits background actions to be triggered based on arbitrary criteria
  • Workflow Subactions now show a dropdown when choosing a column the subaction applies to
  • Support emailing an Extended Field from the Additional Notification portion of the Workflow→Notification

March 10, 2019

  • Changes to support adding attachments to workflow email notifications
  • Support emailing an Extended Field from the Additional Notification portion of the Workflow→Notifications settings
  • Changed the window "Cancel" on the form editor "Close" to avoid confusion with workflow actions named "cancel"

February 25, 2019

  • Type-ahead control now de-duplicates the values contained in the underlying Lookup which permits more flexibility when mapping it to a Lookup
  • Fixed bug - Changed the Multilocation filter in the Lookup grid to a dropdown; previously the Lookup grid would sometimes not show all the values
  • Tableau now export the request History and the Request information
  • Tableau will now export a maximum of 365 days worth of records
  • The Module name field now validates the characters permitted in the name more tightly

February 2, 2018

  • Added MultiLocation filtering to the import/export utility (SWDataUtility)
  • Addressed cosmetic formatting/layout issues in the Master Form Designer
  • Added support to copy the URL out of the Tableau help dialog
  • Tableau export now only shows a module if the user has the Export privilege for that module
  • Many improvements to the beta mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Payment transactions in the workflow now include the ability to refund

January 6, 2019

  • New [Blank] option in the grid's column filter on User type fields that permits creating filters where, for example, requests are not Assigned.
  • Added the ID column back to the full Excel export
  • Fixed an issue with optional user self-registration page on the Safari browser on iPad
  • Added conflict message to warn a user if another user had updated it at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where email is not sent if the email template has an empty field
  • Fixed an issue where the user's email address was showing rather than the user ID
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the mobile app to, for example, support swiping to open the navigation menu
  • Fixed an issue where the list view is not properly sorting in the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue where the field property editor did not properly mask (make read-only) fields when the field is locked in the form designer

December 8, 2018

  • In the various places that one can edit JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, a larger edit dialog can now be opened and it includes color syntax highlighting and some error checking
  • A user's roles are now more visible in the User grid with an option to search via column the header
  • A new option was added to allow a Module to be excluded from Multilocation via Module Settings (previously all modules had to be multilocation if any were)
  • Created a command-line utility for scheduling lookup imports/exports
  • Users are now notified when saving a form in the designer if another user has edited the form and the other user's changes would be overwritten
  • Alerts can now be sent to the email address of individuals that are not Stratawise users
  • Added "test now" button for alerts (View->Properties/Alerts->Alert)

November 25, 2018

  • General improvements to Lookup Import/Export
  • Added support for subtext drill in on form fields (see related requests for a given item)
  • Added syntax checking and highlighting for custom JavaScript within form fields
  • Users can now open a bigger custom JavaScript editor
  • Moved the Action buttons to the left in Lookup lists grid view so that they are always visible
  • Introduced a Merge module feature that is still evolving to aid in merging staged changes to a module into production
  • Extended the length of time an error or warning shows in the user interface to give the user more time to read
  • Added a Close (X) button in the upper-right of dialogs.
  • Change to CSS to ensure requests print after the first page.
  • Changes to allow type-ahead lookup fields to restrict or allow user-entered values (force the choice of an item in the list versus ad-hoc entry)
  • Improved the performance of other Lookup list grids and added the filter row to aid in searching for a lookup item.
  • Added support to relate lookup types to each other (e.g.: assembly has sub-assemblies; property has addresses)
  • Added support for a portion of a request's fields to be auto-populated from a user's "profile" to auto-complete fields repetitively entered by a given user.

October 30, 2018

  • When importing requests, it is now possible to set the Submitted On and Submitted By information (previously the workflow would forcibly override them)
  • Report results can now be deleted from View→View Reports
  • A number of small improvements were made in the View→View Reports dialogs

October 20, 2018

  • Request import now updates if a column in the import spreadsheet is flagged with an exclamation point (checkbox for indicating update has been removed)
  • Save as Draft can now optionally not use up request Id (Id will be used when the request is actually submitted)

September 30, 2018

  • Addressed some SAML related fixes for use with ADFS
  • Allow bulk actions to be performed when batchID is not present
  • Fix for filtering bug that occurred under certain conditions when server-side paging is turned on
  • Prevention added so the grid API call will not be invoked twice the first time the grid is loaded with server
  • Now possible to grant permission to a nonadministrator to maintain lookup lists

September 15, 2018

  • PDF attachments now open directly in another browser tab when clicked to open (rather than prompting to save)
  • Fixed an issue where usernames were being duplicated from the last user to the next
  • Fixed an issue where subtasks actions were not performed correctly (was impacting the approval of Rack Change)

September 9, 2018

  • Added support for getting configured primary and secondary site colors for reference in email templates to ease customization of email templates (e.g.: button color)
  • A user is now notified when a max of more than 10MB of attachments is uploaded on a single request form (10MB is the max combined size for all attachments attached at one time to a request)
  • Marking sections hidden or read-only based on role membership is now easier based on the addition of a isInRole() function.  Available for use in a fields Display Condition and Read Only Condition
  • Issues seen when payment gateway settings were changed have been fixed
  • When a user deletes a payment method, the payment method is deleted by the payment provider, now too
  • Customers can now edit the Site title and Site header
  • Changes to the State editor to show the internal State name to facilitate its use in Custom JavaScript to reduce code fragility
  • Site "Not found" page now auto redirects user to the login page if they fix the base URL
  • Fixed page navigation issues related to the Module editor, where the user would finish creating or updating a Lookup and end up on the wrong page
  • Added support for updating requests via an import from Excel

September 1, 2018

  • The workflow State editor now has checkboxes used to indicate if 'Save' and 'Copy' are allowed when in that state.   If unchecked, the Save or Copy button, respectively, will not show in the request form when the request is in that State.
  • For security reasons, temporary passwords for account creation invitations and password reset are no longer sent in emails.  Instead, the user enters a new password during the login or reset
  • Added shortcut to Site (tenant) settings in the Module Settings page (see the gear icon)
  • Added a field to allow the site administrator to edit the Site Heading through the Site Settings page
  • Added ability to lockout users from the user edit dialog
  • Permit the module name and other details to be used to build URL links in emails through substitution variables (read more here: How to: Format custom email templates)

August 18, 2018

  • Report Recipients can now be maintained by the module administrator from the Module Settings
  • Workflow capabilities were extended to permit client-side actions before the action is actually performed and in the case the action cannot be completed
  • When a default date is set in custom JavaScript, now the date picker automatically moves the picker to show that date (even if it is in another month)
  • It is now possible to show a different help file for primary or secondary users
  • Copy operation from within the form now copies and present the user the copy to Submit (rather than immediately submitting)
  • Copy button can now be renamed (to for example label it as "Reapply" or "Resubmit"–which creates a copy of the prior request for the user to submit with a fresh ID)
  • Changes to fix comment history showing 'submitted' instead of action
  • Email notifications can now be targeted to primary or secondary users
  • The “from” email address can now be customized
  • Fixed issue with empty fields showing as '' (two quote marks) in emails

August 4, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where multi-page request forms were only printing the visible portion of the form.
  • Fixed an issue where at times emails driven from lookup columns were not sending
  • For modules that do not depend on the Action drop-down in the grid, that Action drop-down button can now be suppressed in Module Settings.
  • Confirmation prompts now use the name of the Action being confirmed as the label for the save button.
  • The state of the request now shows in the header of the form (below the ID).
  • A module's ID value can now be something more than just numbers.  A textual prefix can be added on a per-module basis.  For example, "MFG-4324", where "MFG-" is the prefix that helps indicate which module the request relates to.
  • Improvement to the styling on confirmation email and reset email
  • Dropdown fields can now support type-ahead for finding matching items, and that field can either require an existing item to be chosen or for ad hoc entry.
  • Input fields now support an embedded button that can be used to navigate based on the contents of the field (e.g.: URL).
  • The minimum height of multi-line text fields has been increased to 100 pixels
  • Attachment fields can now be required.
  • Support for users to self-register has been improved
  • Coming soon: Support for secondary users to receive an email based on a separate email template.

July 20, 2018

  • Label controls are now customizable via custom HTML.
  • Read-only fields marked required will now not prevent saving or performing an action on a request when empty.
  • Fields can now be logically grouped to control visibility and the read-only flag.
  • The barcode control now works in Internet Explorer.
  • The barcode control can now be styled via custom JavaScript.
  • Fields with hover-help tips now show a question mark icon near them to help the user discover the help.
  • The header of forms can now be customized using HTML.

July 3, 2018

  • Barcode support added.  Fields can now be displayed on a form as a barcode.
  • Added a Copy/Clone capability for requests.  This is a per-Module, privilege-based feature that must be enabled before a user will have the option.
  • Fixed an issue where a link (URL) intended to go directly to a request was not working if the user was not already logged in
  • Insured Lookup table data is not exported along with a module

July 1, 2018

  • Improved handling of duplicate lookup lists during Module Import (handling of duplicate name lookups)
  • Improved handling of User fields when importing requests
  • Improved option for handling dropdowns with thousands of lookup values–leverages a type-ahead scheme to show only a subset that matches
  • Introducing a means to schedule reports and update the recipients from the Module configuration UI

June 17, 2018

  • Added a Help link for end-users next to the View menu.
  • Added the ability to import a custom Help PDF document in the Module Settings.
  • If a custom file is imported, the user will see the custom file, else a default help document is shown.

June 9, 2018

  • Refinements to the ability for the average user to create their own personal grid layouts 
  • Added the ability to set up daily or weekly email notifications based on your personal views created by #1, immediately above
  • Performance improvements in the loading of requests into the grid.  This will also improve the ability to find older requests by permitting for searching for them from the grid’s column header filter.
  • Improvements to the recently introduced request audit feature (granular visibility into changes to a request)
  • Support for repeating multi-items in a single request (two techniques)—as requested by a few plants for new/revised modules
  • Improved the user picker within the workflow editor; performs much quicker and predictably now
  • Fixed an issue with deleting grid layouts

April 28, 2018

  • Added a feature to permit repeating items in one request; for example, a Shortage request has a set of line items, each contains: quantity, part #, shortage type, and other fields.
  • Personalized grid filter/sorting/column selections are now cleared when the user does the "Reset Layout" (previously user would have to refresh to see the grid's settings cleared).
  • Addressed and issue introduced in the prior update where non-administrative users could not save a personal grid layout.
  • Label fields appropriately no longer show in the grid's column chooser.

April 21, 2018

  • Changed the behavior for newly created or imported Modules to no longer automatically grant all roles every privilege; now only the Administrator roles get every privilege.
  • Fixed an issue with global search introduced in the prior release.

April 15, 2018

  • There is now an additional option in the View->Excel Export dialog: "Export *only* visible columns and rows". The prior Excel export option is still there and is unchanged.
  • The user account information now includes fields for the users first and last name.
  • Users can create email alerts to notify them of new or updated items that match their own personal grid (Layout) filters. This is found in View->Properties/Alert.

March 23, 2018

  • Added fields to track creation and last modification date and time, CreatedOn and LastModifiedOn, respectively.
  • The Grid's menu button is now available to non-admin users to re-show hidden columns (this is the icon button at the far right of the grid's column row).
  • Renamed View→Save Named Layout to Create Layout.
  • Renamed View→Layouts to View→Edit Layouts

March 10, 2018

  • Added a feature to permit auditing of detailed changes to requests. Now a change to any field is tracked. This must be enabled per account/organization/factory and the visibility is controlled by a module-level permission. When enabled, the audit is visible by clicking on the date/timestamp in the Comment history of a request.
  • Improved "Submit and New". It was not working properly with the Location feature enabled. It now works and uses the same location for the new request as the one being submitted.
  • Improved the duplicate field name validation in the Master form/schema.  It now alerts the user when the save is attempted.
  • Added the ability to get custom recipients via a Role. Now if a value in the Action's Custom Recipient field does not appear to be an email address, the system checks if there is a Role by that name, if there is, it will send the email to all users within the Role. Alternatively, a Role can be more explicitly indicated using a substitution variable in the Custom Recipient: %(Role:CustomString10)%

February 24, 2018

  • Added a new Sub Action command, "Query Lookup".  This is useful for setting one field based on another during an Excel import of requests (where the form's Custom JavaScript is not triggered). 
  • Fixed an issue where editing a user's email address would prevent the user from logging in.

February 16, 2018

  • Added support for a per-module request import Excel template  
    This template is uploaded through the module properties and exposed to users for download in the import Request prompt.
  • Improved logging for the Event Publisher to aid in troubleshooting
  • Improved alignment of checkbox fields on edit forms

February 6, 2018

January 27, 2018

  • Re-indexed all items to fix an issue where the global search was missing items.
  • Fixed issue where multiple emails were sent when using the new Import Requests feature.
  • Added code to offset root cause of outage on 1/21/2018 (ensuring Seed method called upon startup)

January 21, 2018

  • Better support for requiring a Comment entry when an action is performed (Required checkbox in the Comment field properties now functional).
  • Bulk action feature finalized.  Must be enabled by a new Module level privilege.  It shows in the View dropdown menu.  Permits filtering on a Batch ID to perform a batch workflow actions on a set of imported records.
  • Subtask action conditions can now show the user a message when the condition does not match.
  • Addressed an issue with opening directly to a request from a URL. 
  • Changes to support show/hide of a form section using Custom JS
  • Task grid action column getting clipped on Edge
  • Subtask workflow conditions now permit JavaScript expressions in addition to SQL; and can compare before/after values in a request to detect specific types of changes/edits to a request.
  • Support for mass import of requests, including:
    • Assigning a Batch ID during Import if present in the Default form.
    • Privilege to enabled/disable Mass (Bulk) import
    • Validation of the data being loaded:
      • Required fields are populated
      • Numeric fields do not contain alpha characters
      • Date/times are valid
      • Lookup lists entries exist in Stratawise