How to use Custom JavaScript within a Workflow Subaction

Custom JavaScript is able to be applied to Subactions within the Work Flow. This is useful for applying custom functionality to a value based on the action performed.


  1. Select the Module link in the top left banner, from the Module list select the module for which the field is being Mobile Link enabled.
  2. Select the Wofkflows tab within the Module settings, then select the Actions tab.
  3. Select the action for which the Custom JavaScript Subaction is to be added, then the Subactions tab.
  4. After defining the condition for the Subaction, select the field for assignment from the left.
  5. On the right side of the assignment statement to execute Custom JavaScript the text but me wrapped by '{' an opening and closing brace '}'
    (Note: Variable references can be used within these braces in a similar fashion to other Custom JavaScript (Example - "%(customString1)%")) 

If the goal were to increment a value already in a field each time an action was performed the code below would achieve this.