How to install the Stratawise Mobile app

The Stratawise Mobile app is available in the Apple iOS and Google Android app stores.  


To begin using the Stratawise Mobile app:

  1. Visit the respective mobile app store for your device.
  2. Search for “Stratawise Mobile” or use the links below:  


  3. After installing and launching the app, log in with the same user ID and Password used on the Stratawise desktop web application.  
  4. After logging in, the app shows requests in the main list view.  You can tap a row to view a request’s details.
  5. If you do not see what you expect in the list view, it may be that a different view is selected compared to what you use in the desktop web app. 
  6. NOTE: the layout/view name is shown immediately below the selected Module name in the header (see "Default" below "Missing Parts" in the image, below; in this example, "Missing Parts" is the module name).
  7. To select a different module or view:

    1. Open the navigation drawer (using the menu on the top left) and then tap the module name.

    2. Tapping the module name will expand the list of views, select the desired view.

    3. To close the navigation drawer, tap the menu button in the top left, tap anywhere outside of the drawer, or swipe left on the drawer.

  8. To create a request, click the blue + button in the bottom right.
  9. To perform an action, click the “” button on the right edge of each request.
  10. When you close the app, you will remain logged in unless you manually log off.  There is a log off option in the navigation drawer.


Mobile Staging Access

Note: To access the staging variant of the mobile app, simply add 'staging.' to the front of your username on the login screen, 

Mobile Accessibility

Note: Users also need to be granted permission on a module-by-module basis.   See this article for more detail: How to grant/deny access to the Stratawise Mobile app