How do I Modify Module Settings/Advanced Settings

To access the Module Settings, go to the Module you’re planning to edit. Once selected, you will be in the Settings configuration panel.
( Module → Module Name )




Display Name - The name of the module as seen in the UI.

Internal Name - The internal name of the module. Used for internal purpose only.

NOTE: Changing the Internal Name could break API-based integration. Please change the Display Name instead.

Description - Text to describe what the module does and any other informative text about the module.

Module color - The color used by this module in the main page, can be defaulted to tenancy color or custom selection.


Use wider form on Desktop Browser (easily fits three columns wide versus two)
This property enlarges the form to allow for larger field length and accommodate more fields per
row easily. Valuable for conserving form space for larger forms.


Auto Refresh - Configuration to determine how often the grid refreshes.


Allows for custom Import and Update templates to be hosted and available to the Users when accessing import/update.


Allows custom help document to be uploaded or linked to.




Advanced Settings

Module (Advanced)

Allow barcode scanned fields
When enabled allows barcode field type to be added in the Field List. This field type is able to accept
a scanned value or display a value as a barcode.

Mobile Access

Show module on mobile app
Grants access to this module through the Mobile Application.
(Roles must also be granted mobile access through the 'Can Access Mobile' module permissions.)

Form (Advanced)

Title field
Field displayed in the top right of existing requests when defined here.



Title format (e.g. [Column name:format])
Format of the Title Field allowing for additionally prefixed set of digits or character/string prefix formatting.


Allow actions to be performed from the edit form
When enabled, Actions are available in the edit form when viewing the item/request.

Grid (Advanced)

Allow multi-line rows in grid
When enabled allows for grid cells to contain wrapped/vertically aligned values.

Track opening/reading of items
When enabled displays new submissions that have not been ‘Viewed' or ‘Opened’ yet to display
bold in an unread fashion.

Hide Actions in the grid.
When enabled performing workflow Actions from the grid row is not allowed.

Show Rolledup Comments in the grid
When enabled, add the RolledupComments field to the Field List. This enables the most recent
comment to be displayed in the grid.
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If you have reviewed the above and are experiencing any issue or have any questions contact Stratawise Support