Stratawise GDPR FAQ

Stratawise is committed to protecting customers’ privacy rights. Stratawise will protect users’ and customers’ privacy rights even where GDPR is not in scope. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about our privacy policy in general and our compliance with GDPR.

  • Is Stratawise GDPR Compliant?
  • How does Stratawise protect and secure a user's private information?
  • Is the Stratawise GDPR policy specific only to EU citizens and residents?
  • How can I exercise my Personal Privacy Rights with Stratawise?
  • How can I exercise my Personal Privacy Rights with a customer of Stratawise?

Is Stratawise GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Stratawise is GDPR compliant as a trusted data controller and a trusted data processor.

Stratawise is committed to and compliant with the principles of GDPR which include ensuring customers’ data is:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently
  • Collected only for explicit purposes
  • Limited only to what is necessary
  • Accurate and kept up to date
  • Not kept in a form which allows the identification of individuals for any longer than is necessary
  • Processed in a way that ensures its security

Moreover, as a company committed to the protection of our customer's data, when we must rely on a third-party, we ensure they are also committed to and compliant with GDPR.  For more details, review the Stratawise Privacy Policy available on our website.

How does Stratawise protect and secure a user's private information?

Stratawise uses guidelines both from the United States NIST Cyber Security Framework and the mandates of the EU's GDPR to govern our approach to security and privacy.  Additionally, while most of the computing resources we utilize are provided by cloud providers that are themselves NIST and GDPR compliant, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Google Office suite, where we do utilize non-cloud resources, we employ industry recognized best of breed security tools and techniques to protect those resources and the data they house or process.  Additionally, we minimize the longevity of private information, retaining it only as long as it serves to benefit our customers 

Does Stratawise only apply GDPR principles for EU citizens and residents?

Stratawise applies the same privacy policies for all users (customers, prospects, partners, vendors, employees, etc.) regardless of whether or not they reside in, or are citizens of, the EU.

How can I exercise my Personal Privacy Rights with Stratawise?

Inquire about your data through our support portal at  A support representative will ensure the data transparency, removal, or rectification request is complied with for data Stratawise controls or processes directly. For data that is indirectly managed by Stratawise on behalf of one our customers, you will need to contact that entity.

What does Stratawise do with the data we collect?

Stratawise uses industry leading, GDPR compliant, 3rd party business systems internally to manage our relationship with our customers, typically businesses, and the people employed by those businesses; these are Sales systems, Marketing systems, and Support systems to better serve our user community, all of these systems collect some personal data–but the data collected is kept to a minimum to permit better customer service.  This data is not shared with 3rd-parties.

For our customers, as a primary part of our business, Stratawise hosts several products that, by the nature of the services the products provide, collect some user data. For products and services that are used by business entities to manage user data, any data collected and stored on our systems is only accessible to that specific business, and we provide those businesses the tools and processes required for them to be GDPR compliant.