Hot to use the Spawn function.

The Spawn capability , which is sometimes referred to as Escalate, is a great way to spin off work between two processes or Modules. If process A may under some circumstances lead to process B needing to be triggered, either manually by a user, or as a side effect of another action, a request can be spawned in another module. Below, “process B” is the “Spawn to” module--that is where the new request is raised.


  1. Go into Modules.

  2. Open the Module that you want to use the Spawn function in.

  3. Go into the Workflows Tab.

  4. Within the module’s workflow, navigate to the list of Actions and click its name to edit it.

  5. Select the Subaction tab, then click on the Sections + button to add a new section

  6. Click within the new section; a set of rows will show for setting a condition and subactions to execute if the conditions are met.

  7. Once in the new section, select the dropdown arrow to open the menu and select Spawn.

  8. In the Spawn to module dropdown, select the module you would like to spawn to.

  9. Choose the option you would like to use for the Spawn function.

    1. In this example the Manually; Show the form and let the user submit the spawned item was used to open a new request in the MAPOU module.

    2. Alternatively, the top option is used to spawn the request, perform a selected action, and then optionally show the user the spawned request (with this option, the request is fully saved and submitted by the time the user sees the form, they cannot cancel the Spawn by closing the form). 

  10. Click Okay, then Save when complete.

  11. To try this out,  select the Escalate action on an existing request

In this case the Escalate action will open a new request in the MAPOU module.