How to link to Mobile Applications

Fields are able to be configured to link externally to native applications for the Stratawise Mobile Application. This is helpful when the app is being used out in the field to place a call based on a phone fields value, or navigate through a native map application to an address on the form.


  1. Select the Module link in the top left banner, from the Module list select the module for which the field is being Mobile Link enabled.
  2. Select the Forms tab within the Module settings, then select the Field List button "Create/Update Fields"
  3. Using the search filter in the upper left search for the field to be edited.
  4. Located at the bottom of the Field properties is the drop down "External Type". 
  5. Select the appropriate link type for this field.

  6. Open the mobile application to verify, visit the module form that contains the newly enabled field selecting the link at the end of the field.

By visiting the Custom JavaScript tab of the Mobile Link enabled fields properties, and making use of the "pre process external link" field. The value used to link out can be edited/appended.


return formScope.formdata.customString1 + " USA";

Using the above return statement on an address field configured to external type "Map" with a System Name of customString1 will search the value of the field with " USA" as well.