How to: Validate items in the Event Queue

Through the use of a common API tool known as Postman we are able to validate items in queue whether it be events or retrieval of the entire item.


  1. Ensure Events are configured for the module you are testing against (ask Stratawise Support if in doubt).

  2. Create or edit a request in the module under test.

  3. Open Postman, select ‘+New’ in the top left.

  4. From the list select ‘Request.’
    (This selection should have a ‘Get’ icon, you may need to create a new folder for storage of the new request near the bottom)

  5. In the Get Request Paste the below link.

    Note: This is easily customized to the desired Tenancy/Module in the below fashion
    https://{Tenancy}{Module Name}/Event

  6. Before sending the Get Request select the ‘Authorization’ tab beneath the Get Request URL.

  7. Here select ‘Basic auth’ from the dropdown, then fill in the credentials to access the system on the right.

  8. Once the Get Request is defined and Authorization provided select the blue ‘Send’ button in the top right.

  9. The output will be displayed at the bottom once Sent.


Additionally, entire entities may be validated by using the below URL in the Get Request.

This similarly may be customized to the Tenancy/Module/EntityID#