How to: Mark items read/unread

Stratawise modules support the feature to mark requests read and unread in the main grid views.


(Contact your Local Stratawise Administrator to enable this feature, or reach out to Stratawise Support)

  1. When the feature is enabled, unread items will be highlighted with bold text.

  2. Items can be marked as unread manually.

  3. By performing an action or viewing the item, the item will be marked read.

 How to enable (Admin)

  1. To enable this feature, go to a module's advanced settings
    Module → Module Name → Advanced (bottom of page in the middle) → Grid (section)

  2. Enable the checkbox for ‘Track opening/reading of items’

  3. Visit the grid and refresh the browser verifying the enabled feature is working for new requests.


  4. When a new item is submitted it will appear unread.

The action column may need to be expanded to show the new Envelope icon, verify this is shown and save the layout for all users in the hamburger menu located at the top right of the grid.

How to mark read/unread from the Grid (User)

  1. To mark a request read from the grid, select the Envelope icon within the actions


  2. Selecting these icons marks the corresponding request read/unread

How to mark unread from the Workflow (Admin)

  1. To mark a request unread at a specific point in the work flow, go to the subactions tab within the action of the work flow
    Module → Module Name → Workflow (tab) → Actions (tab) → Action Name → Subactions (tab)

  2. Add a new subaction selecting it to create a new subaction section

  3. From the menu on the side select ‘Mark as Unread’

  4. Select ‘OK’ then ‘Save’ to save the changes applied to the workflow action

  5. Return to the main grid and perform the action to verify it is marked Unread as expected.


If you have double checked the above points and the read/unread feature is not working as expected, please contact Stratawise Support