How to: Allow users to copy requests by state

Copy is an action we can enable on a per state and per role basis. When enabled and allowed by the given role the user may create a copy of an item currently available in the grid in the allowed state(s).


  1. Navigate to the Module Permissions tab.
    Modules (Top left) → Module Name → Permissions (tab)

  2. Select the pencil edit icon for the row permission Can Copy.

  3. Add the Roles by checking them within the role list displayed then select OK.

  4. Navigate to the Workflow States.
    Modules (Top left) → Module Name → Workflows(tab) → Workflow Name/Edit icon → States (tab)

  5. Select the pencil edit icon for the State the copy action should be allowed.

  6. Enable the checkbox Permit the request to be Copied, then select OK.

  7. Save the workflow in the bottom left.

  8. Review the grid to verify that the Copy action is available where intended.


If you would like further customization of the Copy action display text or have any questions contact Stratawise Support