How to: Import with Multilocation/Lookup Derived Values/Validation

Multilocation facilitates multiple instances of the same module by location. In this scenario, an additional column is required to ensure the items generated through import are associated with the corresponding location.

Include Multilocation column in Import Template

  1. To begin include the field column “MultiLocation” in the import template.  In this case, it is for DW01 – Davenport and TX01 – Dubuque.

Retrieve values by Lookup Query for derived values (Part Info)

  1. When doing an import you will need to set up subactions for any field that is based on a query of a lookup  - such as fill in part description based on the part entered.

Add Validation to Import Template

  1. Validation may be added to fields by sourcing the available values in a hidden sheet, the sheet name must start with @, and can be hidden once validation is configured.


  2. Select the column you want to add the values to and click on Data Validation in the Data tab.


  3. Detail the Sheet (which may be hidden) and listed range for the allowed field values. 

Note: Some values may be tricky to use.  In this case, Need Time wanted to change format when selected.  You will need to set the column to text in this case and manually add the time fields so that they keep the text format.